Bodies of two men found in New Kingston

by fathered

12:43 am -- June 15, 2012


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THE mutilated bodies of two men, one said to be clad in a pair of leggings, were yesterday morning found in a heavily-vegetated section of New Kingston — near the traffic light at Trafalgar and Lady Musgrave roads — said to be frequented by prostitutes and drug addicts.

The Half-Way-Tree police said the bodies, which were not identified up until press time last night, had multiple chop wounds. Several rocks with blood stains were also found at the scene. The discovery was made about 7:00 am.The discovery yesterday drew scores of onlookers, some of whom alleged that the deaths were the result of a love affair gone sour. There were also rumours that a third man was involved.

Police on the scene, however, did not confirm the allegations but said they would continue their investigations today.

Meanwhile, the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays (JFLAG) said it was working closely with the police to ascertain whether or not the men were from the community.

"We... have made contact with the police and are waiting on additional information to ascertain the identity of the men as we know that some of the guys (members from the LGBT community) who are homeless frequent that area," said Dane Lewis of JFLAG.

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